Full Groom

This is our most popular choice of treatment. A full body experience including your choice of style, breed specific trims, teddy bear cuts & puppy cuts. A warm spa bath and heated blow dry (Fluff Dry), clipping to your desired coat length, scissoring, as well as a nail trim, ear clean & cologne.

We recommend this treatment every 6-12 weeks depending on coat length.


Our tidy treatment is a great choice for those that wish to maintain their pets coat condition and appearance in between full grooms. This includes a warm spa bath and heated blow dry (Fluff Dry), face feet and bottom tidy as well as a nail trim. We recommend this treatment to be scheduled for 4-6 weekly appointments.

Bath & Blow Dry

Warm spa bath, Heated Blow Dry (Fluff Dry) as well as a nail trim, ear clean & cologne.

Bath and De-Shed 

The bath and de-shed treatment is perfect for double coated breeds such as Shetland Sheepdogs, Siberian Husky’s, Samoyeds , Alaskan Malamute’s etc however it is also great for the shorter coated dogs such as labradors, Kelpies, Dalmatians etc. This treatment includes a warm spa bath, high velocity dry (To remove dead undercoat) finishing with a heated blow dry and thorough brush/comb through removing all remaining dead undercoat. 

The groom is complete with a tidy of the feet, feathering & ears as well as a nail trim, ear clean & cologne.

We recommend for heavily coated dogs 4-8 weekly appointments & for lighter coated dogs 8-12 weekly appointments.

Hand stripping

Hand stripping is most commonly seen on terrier breeds but it can also be seen on some spaniels and other breeds. This technique is breed specific and assists in styling the dog and maintaining the texture. Performing this grooming technique, requires a lot of experience, knowledge & skill to carefully remove the dead undercoat & allow the new coat to come through. If done correctly & on a regular basis this process is not painful. If the coat is clipped the texture of the coat will change, resulting in the coat growing back fluffy, and almost impossible to hand strip. Our Hand stripping treatment includes a warm spa bath, heated blow dry, hand stripping & scissoring where required, nail trim, ear clean & cologne.

We recommend for perfect coat condition 6-10 weekly appointments. This will assist with natural weather proofing of your dogs coat.

Show Grooming & Maintenance

This treatment is a tailored treatment to meet the required needs of each breed. The treatment will include the full groom as listed above but incorporates the professionalism of breed specific trims as seen in the show ring which may include carding, hand stripping, clipping, scissoring, thinning etc. 

Creative Asian Fusion Groom

The Asian fusion groom is a popular style among salons worldwide currently. This grooming style is a modern mix of styles originating and gaining popularity in countries such as China, Thailand, and Japan. Characteristics of this style include short bodies, round happy faces with ears of your liking, long leg feathering’s and styled tails. Our treatment will include a warm spa bath and heated blow dry (Fluff Dry), styling upon consultation including clipping and scissoring, as well as a nail trim, ear clean & cologne.

We recommend 6-8 weekly appointments for Asian Fusion grooming.

Puppy introduction Treatment

We highly recommend that your new puppy is introduced to the grooming experience as soon as it is safe to do so. This is around the ages of 3 to 6 months once vaccinations have been done. This treatment allows them to explore the salon in their own time, that way they can get used to the smells and noises associated with grooming. To take advantage of this service, simply book one of the above treatments. At this age many puppies may not need a full groom, however during puppy introduction we are able to turn the clippers on and let them approach, gently running them over their body without clipping their coat.

Nail Trim

If you simply just need your dogs nails trimmed, this is a service we are happy to offer. The more regularly a dogs nails are trimmed the easier it is to keep them short.

Nail Colour

If you would like to add a splash of colour to your pets nails, speak to our friendly staff to add this option onto any treatment.